Church Service: Sunday, 10:30 am. Office hours: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm Monday through Thursday.

The spiritual call is a quiet but persistent urging toward the experience of greater freedom. Though we all share this urge, we commonly interpret it as a call to further achievement and acquisition. Accomplishments do bring some measure of relief and satisfaction, and they are important as far as they go. Still, even after we acquire them, we find our desire for greater freedom persists. The reason for this is simple. This call to greater freedom does not originate in the world of things. It rises from the soul. Thus, it is to the soul that we must turn to receive the guidance that will satisfy this desire.

The ministry of Unity Church is dedicated to helping those who have responded to this call better understand how to listen and follow its promptings. Jesus taught that we are to go into our room (inner quiet), close the door to the outer world and pray to the Father who is unseen though very real (Matthew 6:6). It is from this quiet introspection that the reward of fulfillment is gained.

We are not required to give up the world or to ignore the things that are important to us. We develop a deeper understanding of our spiritual nature, which we naturally bring to bear in all areas of our life. Our success in the world rises from the level of spiritual authenticity that bubbles forth like a hidden spring to satisfy our longing for spiritual freedom.

If, on your path, you have reached the point where you are ready to respond to the inner call of freedom, you will find that the ministry of Unity Church is here as a spiritual support. You are not alone in your quest for a deeper, more meaningful life. There are others who understand and encourage you to follow your spiritual call. This is the purpose and mission of this ministry.

I hope you will join us. Rev. J Douglas Bottorff